The Express Yourself Project

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What is your idea and how will it increase Millennial civic engagement in your community?:

The Express Yourself Project’s goal is to turn the week prior to the Election into a celebration and reflection of our political system. Through education, inspiration, engagement, and events we will expand the civic involvement of Detroit residents through a collaborative effort with popular local businesses and a dedicated corps of millennial volunteers!

How would your idea be implemented?:

Factoids left at each social hub will be used to educate people about how government policies affect their daily lives.
Fireside Chat’s will inspire people to take action after hearing local leader’s speak about their experiences with government policies that have helped/hindered them and our shared community.
Incentives will expand the impact and engage people to take action through providing a reward for their civic involvement. Free products will be provided to under-engaged populations to further expand outreach!

Where does your project take place?:


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political engagement innovation at its finest.

by TWHooker
over 3 years ago | Reply

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Active Citizenship Training
Active Citizenship Training

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