Active Citizenship Training

Winning idea by robertburack
Active Citizenship Training


What is your idea and how will it increase Millennial civic engagement in your community?:

In Flint, where industry once created a middle class, residents have had to increasingly rely on human capital in order to affect change in their neighborhoods and communities. With a student population of nearly thirty thousand, the city has begun to look toward millennials as not only the civic leaders of the future, but as powerful agents of progress in the present. However, the true potential of millennial leadership has yet to be shown in this city that desperately needs it. In partnership with a local university, community organizations, and other area stakeholders, I plan to organize a one-day event that combines social justice training, direct community service, personal reflection, and issue education to increase the active citizenship of Flint's (and mid-Michigan's) millennial leaders. By inspiring these talented individuals to make their communities a priority in life choices, the city and wider region will benefit from their actions for years to come.

How would your idea be implemented?:

This is an idea that myself and other students have had for a long time; with this funding, we'll be able to make this idea tangible. We'll leverage our existing resources - in our own personal networks, at the university, and within the community - to put together this event during the Fall 2012 semester. I'm currently a programs assistant for a non-profit focused on building active citizens - I'll be able to utilize my own raining skills and an already-built curriculum to thoughtfully design the event. Since we'll be connected with the university, we can access physical space free of charge. With these foundational elements all in place, we're confident that this idea will significantly impact Flint's millennial civic leaders.

Where does your project take place?:

Flint, Michigan

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Active Citizenship Training
Active Citizenship Training

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