Expression Walls in the Flint Riverbank Park

idea by JenniferLburger
Expression Walls in the Flint Riverbank Park


What is your idea and how will it increase Millennial civic engagement in your community?:

"Expression Walls" in the Flint Riverbank Park will create a place with in the park where visitors can express themselves through responding to prompts on a series of painted walls. These walls create constructive graffiti; that you can write on with any writing utensil. The Expression Walls will promote Freedom of Speech and community dialogue through written word. This expression will advance civic engagement with in Flint by prompting citizens to take interest in their community while giving them a sense of ownership of the Flint Riverbank Park. Small actions, like participating in a written dialogue, allow for someone who is unlikely to participate in activities to be apart of something with out committing much time and remaining anonymous. Community member's thoughts matter; this place will be an area where everyone can interact and share their thoughts.

How would your idea be implemented?:

This project is a low cost way to revitalize the Flint Riverbank Park. The park currently has a series of grey walls that need to be revitalized. Expression Walls would transform dreary grey walls into an outlet of engagement for the community. The project consists of painting a series of concrete walls in a base color; then painting a prompt on the walls. This prompt would be a question that all community members can answer and enjoy. Easily painting new prompts will allow for the space to change regularly. Low-cost outdoor paint allows for inappropriate comments to be painted over-easily. For long-term upkeep up the project, we can look to community partners. This is small step to make a better, more involved, Flint!

Where does your project take place?:

This project will take place in the Flint Riverbank Park

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Thank you Helen, We are really trying to foster community in the Flint area! It is our hope that small acts like writing on a well to express yourself will give individuals a greater tie to their community and give them more incentive to participate with in their community!

by JenniferLburger
over 3 years ago | Reply

This is an awesome idea, I love it.

by HelenSRoldan
over 3 years ago | Reply

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